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LWCAD christmas bundle

This amazing offer applies to new full version of LWCAD 5.5 purchases and updates of earlier versions of LWCAD.
christmas bundle
Buy LWCAD 5 for LightWave
Get a free upgrade to LWCAD 2018
+ $200 coupon to GarageFarm.NET
LWCAD 2018 delivery:
Free upgrade to LWCAD 2018 will be delivered as soon as it is released!
LWCAD 2018 is the next major version of LWCAD.
The expected release date of LWCAD 2018 is March 2018.
GarageFarm.NET coupon
Coupon can be used to sign up or pay for existing GarageFarm.NET accounts.
It is valid for use by January 1, 2019, credits will never expire.
Coupon can be redeemed at: https://garagefarm.net/en/lightwave-render-farm/